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What is a Student Society?

University Student Societies

A university student society (also known as a student group, student organisation or student association) tends to be formed by university students for the purpose of sharing a common interest. You’ll usually see that student societies are registered as part of a university student union, who take responsibility for ensuring that society committees are well-equipped to run the group.

The range and depth of student societies that exist is phenomenal. Students of all backgrounds come together to form societies to share the academic interest of Chemistry or Maths. Other students form societies to share their interest of hobbies, like gaming, cooking or DJing.

Society Events & Activities

Alongside their main activities, the majority of societies will hold social get-togethers which give the society members chance to meet each other in a relaxed setting and have some fun.

Society activities usually take place within the local city, either on the university campus, at bars or at other venues around the city, depending on the activity the society is carrying out. Some societies often travel to different parts of the country for collaboration events, competitions, or just for an exploration trip.

Societies differ in activity levels and the frequency of activities that they run can range from weekly, monthly or yearly

Being Involved in a Society

Student societies are a unique opportunity for students to make the most of university life. They provide opportunities for growth, friendship, CV building and ultimately having a great time at university. For committee members, there are recognised awards that come with running a society, and the experience that can be gained from hosting events, dealing with membership and planning activities are invaluable for future endeavours!