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Social Events For Your Student Society

Organising Social Events For your Society Members

To run a successful society, it’s important to give your members an opportunity to socialise and have some fun.

We’ve put together a short list of social event ideas that will bring your society together and contribute to an irreplaceable part of university life, enjoying it!

Bar Crawl

The trusty bar crawl. You honestly can’t go wrong when organising a bar crawl. It’s as simple as choosing a bunch of known, fun bars around your city, and making your way around them throughout the night.

Some societies, put a little bit more jazz into their bar crawls by adding certain rules to adhere to throughout the night. Caught breaking the rules, accept the forfeit! Buying t-shirts for the bar crawl is also a cool way to put a little bit more emphasis into the event, making it more official.

Pizza Night

Fancy a chilled one? Then organise a pizza night; everybody loves pizza and it’s a chance for your members to get together for a chilled night of food and nattering. The easiest way to do this is usually to book a room at your local student union and get the pizza ordered in.

Board Games night

Try not to get too competitive! Just like with the pizza night, get a room booked at your local SU, source some fun board games like Monopoly, Cluedo or Trivial Pursuit and bring your members together for an evening of socialising and light-hearted board game play (or not!)

Speed meet

For events at the beginning of the year or for new members to meet each other, a speed meet might yet provide you with an easy opportunity for quick morale building! The Balance Careers has a decent explanation of the Speed Meet Icebreaker and setting it up!

Beer Pong Tournament

Beer Pong is constantly growing in popularity. The idea of throwing balls into a cup to make other people have a drink just seems to get us in the mood for a fun night. Our friends at Bierkeller Liverpool have never failed to provide a good game of beer pong. You can either have a more casual night of beer pong with the set up and tables for anyone to use, or go a little more structured with a planned out tournament, depending on the number of participants!

Sober Social ideas

It’s true that a lot of social activities revolve around the consumption of alcohol. Whilst it’s not a necessarily a bad thing in terms of creating a social atmosphere, it’s not for everyone! You can find some Sober Social Ideas from Uni of Salford SU

We are organising ready-to-go events for you!

At Society Sponsors, we will be working hard to create ready-to-go events for you to use. These will consist of a whole range of different themed events, that are literally “ready-to-go”. These will be planned events in terms of the venue, theme and deals/promotions that you can access when organising events for your society members.

We will be offering these events to members of Society Sponsors!

Any university student society can register to be a member via our website. It’s quick and easy and we usually approve you in minutes.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and contact us via email with any questions!