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NUFS 2019 Fashion Show: Fashion Unplugged

Newcastle upon Tyne



Newcastle upon Tyne

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The theme of this year’s show is Fashion Unplugged: A Fashion Show by non-fashion students. What does a Financial student have to say about Fashion? What about a Computer Scientist? A Dental student? For too long has fashion divided us amongst confined groups, settling as an identity for the elite. We take our academic talents and use them to twist and shape our show in the name of Fashion. From Architecture students designing the space, mathematicians calculating front stage operations and engineering students strutting the
catwalk - we utilize our non-fashion degrees to bring to Newcastle a Fashion experience uniquely unplugged. Why? Because we like to push ourselves to our creative limits. We are not bound solely by one role, by one degree or by one interest. We celebrate creativity, passion and hard work in each cap we wear - aiming to truly unite people through fashion.

Newcastle University doesn’t offer any fashion courses, therefore we have decided to rise and create our own! Last year’s show featured a denim collection made by our members, and this year we are continuing with this theme – a celebration of fashion by non-fashion students. By learning together, students’ ideas actually come to life; together we are celebrating the importance of collaboration and learning through making. Our show is a platform to showcase our passion for all the areas of fashion. We want to share it with more creators so they can present their vision too. We are ready to bring in what we have and collaborate with those who inspire us, to show​ that non-fashion can be fashion!


Newcastle University Fashion Society

The Newcastle University Fashion Society provides multiple services for the students of Newcastle University, including weekly sewing and illustration classes, blogging and modelling opportunities, networking opportunities, social opportunities with likeminded individuals, fashion trips, and a fashion show at the end of each year. As the University has no fashion programme, we are filling a huge gap in a field loved and pursued by many, giving opportunities that go far beyond other society’s standards, like working with professionals, getting involved in the production of a professional fashion show, learning new skills and more. Our society has around 200 members who are able to explore their talents and interests through all of our different platforms. NUFS is unlike any other, where our 13 person committee work hard to run the society like a company, ensuring an enjoyable yet professional environment for our members, with many opportunities to learn new skills and network in the industry.



In exchange for your sponsorship, we would be happy to provide our promotional skills in exchange. We are currently designing apparel for our production team, which could include your brand's logo. We are planning on having a black carpet for guest photography. The banner could also include your logo. We would happily advertise you in our social media and our professional blog which approximately gets 2k unique visitors per month. We have a mailing list where we market our events. Our emails could also include promotional content of your brand. Finally, you would receive an honorable mention by our hosts the day of the show, as well as promotional flyers in the goody bags​ provided to our guests.


So far we have managed to recruit a few brands to collaborate with us and showcase their latest lines with us (Adidas, Urban Outfitters, and All Saints, to name a few). Your financial aid would be utilized to fund the production costs of the show which include venue, lighting and marketing costs.

Last year we sold 130 tickets which was our selling out point, and had approximately 20 people standing outside the venue, hoping to get a seat the day of the show. This year, in order to accommodate more spectators we have selected the 'Civic Center' in Newcastle upon Tyne which costs £2000 to book for the day. Lighting the stage which was designed by our members studying architecture is estimated to cost around £1800. Finally, booking a studio space in order to produce content at the professional level we strive to always achieve is estimated to cost £200. We would be happy to provide you with invoices proving these costs.

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